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The purpose of our Society and this site is to provide bereaved parents in Edmonton and area with resources and most importantly “peer support” to assist in the grieving process.  Our “peer support” comes directly from parents just like you, who have experienced the devastation the death of a child brings.

Our Goal is to provide a safe and meaningful time with other parents who have also experienced the death of a child; parents who wish to share their experience of grief, in silence or in words, with the common aim of finding a new life, worthy of living in joy, with the presence of our child’s life and memory securely part of that future.

Our Belief

We believe that we are meant to survive the death of our child.  We believe that that this can be done by acknowledging that we have been damaged, that a piece of our very being is gone, but that we can continue to love and miss our child even as we carry on with our lives.  We believe that we can be supported in many ways and by many people.  We believe that one of the best ways to truly live again, is to be among other parents who share the same pain and same longing for their lost child, people who understand each other and what the death of a child means, both in silence and in words.

Healing moves at its own pace. What is a burden one day may be a gift another day.
Martha Whitmore Hickman

Contact Us

  • Phone: 780.451.5381